Sabtu, 07 September 2013


Guci is a tourist resort in Tegal Regency,Central Java, Indonesia. It is famous for its hot spring. It is believed that the warm water from the spring has the power of healing. 

Guci is located on the slope of Mount Slamet, about 30 to 45 minutes from Slawi, the distric capital of Tegal Regency. It is about 1,500 from the sea level. The temperature is about 200 C. (Click here to see the map.)

There are some facilities available for visitors.They can enjoy pancuran (out door hot shower). There are three places for shower. They are  Pancuran Telulas (Thirteen Showers), Pancuran Pitu (Seven Showers) and Pancuran Lima (Five Showers).They can also swim in Kolam Renang air panas (warm Swimming Pool). For the ones who feel uneasy to take shower out door, they can have a bath in door. The water in the bath is also warm. There are 20 warm-watered bathrooms.

Picture 1 
One of the hotels visitors can stay in

Other objects will also serve a beatiful scenery to the visitors.  There are some small air terjun ( water falls) and tuk (javanese word = spring) in Guci.
The water falls are  Air TerjunJedor, Air Terjun Sruwit, Air Terjun Sigedong, Air Terjun Penganten, Air Terjun Kembar, Air Terjun Awu and Air Terjun Capit Urang.

The springs visitor can enjoy are  : Tuk Sengang, Tuk Konyal, Tuk Kasepuhan, Tuk Pengasihan and Tuk Teyeng.

Picture 2
Children are having fun in the warm swimming pool.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the nature while doing out bond, camping in the camping ground, tracking the forest, or climbing Bukit Perkasa  ( the Powerful Hill).

Other activity visitor can do there is riding on a horse back around the resort. There are about 43 trainned horses to take the visitor.

If the visitors want to stay longer in the resort they can stay in a hotel, a villa (There are about 14 villas), or a pondok wisata (some Villagers’ houses that GUCI Tourism Resort Management gave permission to be rent by visitors). 

These hotels are ready to welcome and serve visitors with comfortable accomodation : Duta Wisata Hotel, Mega Indah Hotel, Brahma Lestari Hotel, Bukit Indah Hotel, Permata Hijau Hotel, Guci Mas Hotel, Guci Kencana Hotel, and Janoko Hotel.

Before leaving the resort visitors can take some souvenirs or traditional food produced by the villagers. There are many kiosks for visitors to get souvenirs and traditional food from Guci like manisan  (Candied fruit/Fruit preserved in sugar solution and dried).

There are also other facilities available for visitors i.e. mosque, rest room, and three parking lot ( Pasar parking lot for big cars, Terminal Atas  parking lot for small cars, and Terminal Bawah  parking lot for trucks and buses.

For more information you can go to Dinas Pariwisata kabupaten Tegal 's site.